The Baby Registry – Do I really need all that stuff?

The highly anticipated event arrived – our first visit to Babies R Us to start a baby registry. I never really knew what was inside the store until I was given my Babies R Us welcome bag with a “must-have” Read more ›

Sleep Wars: Mom vs. Baby vs. Dad vs. Everyone Else

People go to war for money, land, and even love. But little did I know that sleep would cause so much strife in my life. It’s caused war between my husband, myself, my baby, and everyone else who has something Read more ›

Getting sleep the first three months postpartum

One of the hardest adjustments I made when I became a mother was to live off 2-3 hour chunks of sleep in the night. I’d wake up for the 6am feeding and be so exhausted when my baby was full Read more ›