The Baby Registry – Do I really need all that stuff?

The highly anticipated event arrived – our first visit to Babies R Us to start a baby registry. I never really knew what was inside the store until I was given my Babies R Us welcome bag with a “must-have” Read more ›

The Toddler Baby Registry – from 1-2 years

As your baby becomes a toddler you’ll find there are certain things that you’ll need to get on top of all the baby gear you put on your initial registry. Here I’ve listed the categories and recommendations of products I’ve Read more ›

The Best Baby Carriers

Nowadays it seems like there are as many baby carriers as there are strollers! Each carrier generally falls into one of three categories: the wrap, the pouch/ring sling, and the padded front/back carriers. Each type has their pros and cons Read more ›

Selecting a High Chair

There are so many choices when it comes to high chairs. This is a quick guide to help you pick out the best for your family’s needs based on your budget, space, style, and functionality preferences. One excellent option is Read more ›

Baby Crib Buying Guide

The crib is one of the most expensive investments you could make in your nursery. But it doesn’t have to be, as long as your crib meets the needs of your family. Here are some factors to consider when buying Read more ›

Best Gifts for the 1 Year Old

Blocks Blocks are excellent toys for little hands to hold, shake, feel, stack, and knock over. It’s not only fun for a baby, but for adults and children who want to play with your baby too. Blocks come in different Read more ›