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This blog is for moms who like to be over prepared. They want to have their bases covered and then some. Pregnancy and motherhood is the first time in our lives we lose the ability to feel in control. For perfectionists like myself, this is terrifying! On top of losing control, new moms give up careers where they may have been climbing the success ladder only to feel incredibly unproductive, unsuccessful or even worse, bored at home.

I started this blog to share my personal journey through motherhood with other new moms. It’s written for those who are inclined to prepare as best as they can for all of life’s curve balls. Most pregnant women prepare for childbirth…but they don’t realize the bigger challenge is managing the life changes that occur after you have the baby. Where’s the training and orientation for motherhood? There are childbirth classes and videos, but what about parenthood classes? How can moms prepare for the most difficult transitions in their lives where their identity changed from “June” or “Mary” to “Spencer’s mommy”.

My goal is to help you get through that first year with the best possible preparation you could get, much like a mommy boot camp. The first year of motherhood was something that I thought I was thoroughly prepared for, but I wasn’t…and because of that, it was the worst year of my life (even with all the joys and precious moments with my son). Throughout this blog, I strive to offer advice for every stage of parenthood based on my own research and experience.

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Hopefully you’ll find my posts engaging, honest, funny, enlightening, and helpful as you navigate the new waters of motherhood. Please feel free to add questions, comments, and insights wherever you want to.

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Thanks for reading!

 – Ellen



6 thoughts on “Perfect Moms Start Here

  1. Thanks for this blog! I’m relieved I’m not alone! I’m a new stay home mom to my five weeks old daughter & by far this has been the steepest learning curve I’ve to go through. Not that I’m complaining but it’s totally not what I expected. Ive prepared, researched, even gotten ready for the delivery & motherhood as if I’m writing a thesis on it. But since the bloody show, nothing I planned for has happened. Wanted an all natural birth with no pain relief, but ended up induced & c-sectioned on emergency with epidural. Wanted total breastfeeding but ended up formula feeding to eliminate possibility of breastmilk jaundice, didn’t want to bottle feed but baby was bottle fed by my helper, didn’t want to introduce pacifier but pacifier was given to my baby by my in laws.

    For a perfectionist, this is the hardest fact of life that I had to learn — that sometimes no matter how hard you try, how much you prepare, things just may not go your way as planned.

    Like u mentioned in one of the posts, when you asked around people simply gushed at how wonderful motherhood was & no one tells u how tough it was. It wouldn’t have kept me from having a child, but I just wish to be given more realistic expectations. During one of my postpartum breakdown, I remember telling my husband this is scam. Motherhood is a scam, everyone knows its tough its tiring but nobody speaks of it! In fact everyone encourages it without laying clear expectation of what life would be after delivery.

    The recovery from delivery & the life after the birth is tougher than pregnancy & delivery per se, even with one of the most horrible morning sickness I’ve come across.

    I’m glad to chance upon this blog. All moms are perfect, yes, all moms are perfect indeed.

  2. Jessica on

    I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog! 19 more weeks to go (if all goes perfect in MY perfectionist world). I know there is nothing that will truly prepare me for mommyhood, but it’s information like this that really makes us newbie mommies feel a bit more ready to take on this new lifetime challenge. Cheers to you and your blog. Very informative and well-written!

    • Ellen on

      I’m so glad you found this blog and that it’s helpful for you! I sure thought I did all my homework before giving birth, but there’s just so much people don’t say, and I didn’t know to ask! Good luck with your last few weeks and with your first year of motherhood! Keep in touch. Cheers!

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